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Design Project

1. Project: Warehouse Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System

The remote monitoring system of warehouse storage environment consists of three parts: data center, warehouse monitoring point and user mobile phone.

1. Data Center: The data center is mainly composed of PC and PC software. It can realize information management such as data reception, storage, display, data request, curve display, report printing and output, and carry out monitoring center early warning under special circumstances, as well as convenient access to real-time and historical data through client software.

2. Warehouse monitoring points: real-time monitoring of the warehouse site temperature, humidity, smoke and other data, and the warehouse site temperature, humidity, smoke and other data collected to the data acquisition terminal, can also be based on real-time data collection points to achieve automatic alarm, to prevent accidents.

3. User's mobile phone: accessing the data center through the 3G smart phone to collect real-time data on the spot, or editing short messages to send to the data acquisition terminal to collect real-time data on the spot.

[Main characteristics]

Stability: Enterprise warehouse base is basically located in industrial areas, so high efficiency error correction coding is used to enhance the stability of the system.

No data loss: integrated design, the terminal built-in large capacity memory chip, even if there is a network failure, it can ensure that the data will never be lost.

Extensible: Support the smooth increase of the number of master station equipment, acquisition terminals, sensors and other scales without modifying the application program.

Easy maintenance: The system can execute remote operation commands for remote data acquisition terminals, including remote parameter setting, remote control, remote data acquisition, remote terminal reset, remote terminal software upgrade, etc.

Simple operation: the system software function is perfect, modular, graphical design, the whole process of Chinese help, simple and convenient operation.

Super-high cost performance: The system is specially designed for warehousing remote environmental monitoring, fully considering the business needs of all aspects of the enterprise warehousing environment, and has a high cost performance ratio.

2. Project : ROBUSYS-R3000 Industrial Internet of Things System

Development Platform: Nuvoton Xintang, STM Semiconductor, Allwinner
Delivery form: whole machine, IOT system
Performance parameters: industrial real-time operating system, cloud service, edge computing, automatic control of electrical and motor equipment

Application Scenarios: Intelligent City, Intelligent Agriculture, Intelligent Manufacturing, Intelligent Building, Electrical Monitoring and Energy Consumption Management of Traffic Station, Intelligent Fire Fighting System, Intelligence Environmental Monitoring E-Environment monitoring, intelligent energy metering and management, intelligent medical equipment monitoring, watercraft equipment monitoring and control, airport-high-speed-bridge-tunnel electrical equipment monitoring system Monitor, Intelligent Sharing Equipment.

3. PROJECT: Air cleaner

1. 220V city power supply, using light touch switch as input mode, the display screen uses LED beads to indicate the working status.

2. With automatic mode, air volume selection, silent mode, filter replacement prompts, air quality indicators, etc.

3. Adopt 220V AC motor, with five-gear selection, one to four-gear selection, and with night gear and mute gear for customers to choose.

4. TVOC and PM2.5 were used to detect air quality, and RGB tricolor lamp was used to indicate current ambient air quality.

5. It has infrared remote control function, with photosensitive (brightness) detection, detection during the day or at night, and automatically reduces the brightness of all indicators according to the current brightness, and allows the machine to enter the night mode.

6. It has the function of filter reminder, reminding Titanium + Cold Contact Coal, Activated Carbon, HEPA filter replacement, etc.


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