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Flexible Board

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Flexible Board02

Flexible Board02

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1. One-stop service covering hardware design + software program + PCB layout + PCB assembly + casing service for customers.

2. Capable to offer you solution on Components Replacement and cost down

3. IC Programming and functional Testing, making testing fixture in-house.

4. Both prototype and mass production are acceptable.There is no minimum order quantity restrictions.

5. English-speaking sales and engineering team, fast response

We can provide you full-turnkey assembly services of PCBA. With devoted ourselves to PCB & PCBA over 15 years, our service covering most of Europe and the Middle East marker. With the philosophy of bringing our services to all over the world, we are always striving to be a reliable partner for every customer. Here,you are very welcome to be our next customer!

Product Specification:

Base Material:


Board Thickness:


Copper Thickness:


Min. Hole Size:


Min. Line Width:


Min. Line Spacing:


Surface finishing:

Immersion gold

Solder mask:

Yellow cover film




ISO9001:2015, UL, CE, ROHS


Q.What kind of raw material do you use?

We use Polyimide, PET or polyester or polyimide material which depends on product operating temperature.

Q.Raw material with or without adhesive?

Both are available, for higher reliability applications.

Q.Do you produce single-sided Flexible PCB with OSP surface treatment?

Yes, OSP surface treatment is available in Treefpc, while it is the same cost as immersion gold, so we suggest Immersion gold (ENIG) because it brings in better quality.

Q.Do you use Coverlay soldermask or photosensitive soldermask or UV soldermask or thermal ink soldermask?

For dynamic applications and according to the environment.

Q.Is your FPC available for Static or dynamic application?

Will impact the copper structure and raw material choice

Q.Production “roll to roll “fully automatic or “panel to panel “?

Both are available.

Q.With shielding layers, stiffeners, components/connectors mounting, with peelable adhesive?

Yes, depends on customers’ requests.

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